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Shanghai Illustrations

Shanghai Illustrations

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(p.109) Chapter Three Shanghai Illustrations
Art Worlds
Roberta Wue
Hong Kong University Press

Focuses on the active participation of artists in Shanghai’s publishing industry, specifically their contributions to the treaty port’s illustrated books and magazines. Capitalizing on the new technology of lithography, Shanghai rose swiftly to become China’s center of publishing in the late Qing, and pictures by Shanghai artists featured prominently in the city’s new mass media. By using case studies of several publishing projects from this period, including illustrated books and artist designs for magazine inserts, this chapter investigates how artists expanded their reputations, accessed a large urban readership and developed a mode of lithographed imagery that addressed a popular audience in their accessibility, topicality and playfulness.

Keywords:   Chen Yunsheng, Dianshizhai, Lithography, Readership, Crowds, Consumers, Magazine giveaways, Seriality

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